Artist Mike Lowery & Katrin Wiehle

Lifestyle Photoshoot of Atlanta Artists Mike & Katrin

Photo series done for Sweet Peach Blog & featured in Atlanta’s InTown Magazine (May 2013)

Mike Lowery, Argyle Academy Nesting Dolls (1)

Argyle Academy Nesting Dolls

Earlier this week I did a product shoot for Mike Lowery, the artistic brains behind Argyle Academy. In addition to all his freelance illustration work, he teaches at SCAD Atlanta.┬áIn one of his courses, he has the students design a set of nesting dolls. This set is one he created and I think it looks… Read More

SCAD Lecture – Round 2

Back in May, I spoke to Mike Lowery’s illustration class at SCAD Atlanta about artists using blogging software to maintain an online presence. This week I went back to speak to a new batch of students and once again shared my love for WordPress with them. The big three points I try to remind young… Read More

Better Blogging Lecture Notes

These are the notes for the lecture I’m giving today at SCAD in Atlanta. Thanks to Mike Lowery for inviting me to lecture and for designing such an awesome poster for the occasion. Here also is a PDF Reference Sheet with all the websites I mentioned during the lecture. Full time artists can’t afford not… Read More